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Old one, but good one. Cheers !

"“[Young people] are high-minded because they have not yet been humbled by life, nor have they experienced the force of circumstances.

They think they know everything, and are always quite sure about it.”

And this is 2, 400 years old.

Plus ça change, plus c'est pareil.

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"the deliberate proliferation of disinformation"

And this was written 5 years ago? Such innocent times. You didn't know you were born back then.

The problem nowadays is knowing which of the conspiracy theories turn out to be true, and which ones are just conspiracy theories. Or which ones are planted stories close to the truth just to make you look silly when you partly believe them. Or which ones are stories planted by the enemy of someone to make them look bad (with a sprinkling of truth) whilst also spreading a rumour via some other channel (that two-factor thing).

I need a drink.

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I wrote the following article five years ago, almost to the day.

48 per cent of Millennials have never...

Since the we've got the GenZ ers calling us Boomers!!

I'll be back next week and we can drink some more!


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Some older people can be just as bad. Reading the article DID (to me anyway) seem to relate to a recent situation.

My best mate (same age as me) runs a successful business, which I built the website for. Last night, he asked me if I'd do a simple holding page/contact form website for an offshoot business idea he has. 'Yeah, no problem', I replied - idiot that I am.

That was when the fun - just as I expected, but had momentarily forgotten when I said yes - started. I said 'you know what you're like. This is going to turn into a nightmare'. 'No it won't', he said, 'just put some text and a contact page'.

'What text?' I asked. 'What are people going to contact you about?'

After a rambling 40 minute discussion, which made no sense at all, he finally said he'd have a think about it.

While we were talking, I reserved the domain name and created an empty Wordpress site to act as a template. It took less than 10 minutes.

Then I asked about his business name. I said 'are you happy with (let's say) ABC as an abbreviation for the logo?' He said he was.

I said 'what colours are you thinking of?' 'Well, not the purple we use on the main website'.

'OK. So what colour - warm or cool?'

'Well, we've been using blue on the letterheads'.

I created a logo in dark blue, with a nice perspective and gradient-filled fly-off to give it a three dimensional aspect and emailed it to him.

'It's all right, but could it be DARKER blue?'

I said 'look, this is why I want you to tell me exactly what you want, because we go through all this every time I do something you ask for'.

He has no idea what is involved. He just expects it to happen.

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Worth a re-publish - thanks, had not seen it first time.

"It's a medium, not the message." - could not agree more and I'm someone who barely uses or cares about social media. Not on Twitter, not on Facebook, use WA for comms a bit and avoid opinionated stuff on youtube.

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…it’s not that the kids today don’t know that they’re born, it’s that they don’t know how to live.

Life is live.

…he says typing away at a keyboard, the hypocrite!

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I was told in elementary school, or perhaps junior high, that the purpose of a news organization, as they see it, is to sell newspapers. I was shocked. To the extent that a lofty point of view can increase or at least retain circulation, a news organization will go for it.

Those who know H. L. Mencken (and those who don't) might enjoy his book "Thirty-Five Years of Newspaper Work", as well as the news-related stories in his "Days" trilogy.

We (i.e., probably you and certainly I) deplore the clickbait headlines that lure us into websites filled with ads, or at best a news story that has little to do with the headline. But that is not new either. Clickbait headlines are what tabloids are all about, together with girlie pictures on the cover, and if that isn't clickbait, what is?

Plus way-out tabloids in the U.S., like The National Enquirer have, or at least used to have, big cover headline about aliens, celebrities, horrific diseases and so on. A friend of mine, in the 1970s, composed "the perfect National Enquirer headline":


You could click on that three times!

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Kutarna? Isn't that the AI from the Halo series of popular videogame entertainments?

Anyway, I get my news from 2000AD and always have. I particularly like its coverage of policing issues.

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